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TrueTear  is the latest technology in temporary tear production for Dry Eye sufferers. The prescription device uses neurostimulation to send tiny pulses of energy through your nose to stimulate tear production. The pulses activate a natural response, so your tears are all your own.

TrueTear is state-of-the-art technology in eye care that is easy to use. It is a drop-free, drug-free option. It works quickly and puts you in control. The treatments are well-tolerated with mild side effects.

How it Works

  1. The tips of the TrueTear device are inserted in your nostrils where they stimulate a nerve within your nasal cavity with tiny pulses of energy.
  2. You brain receives these nerve signals, then sends them to you tear glands around your eyes to temporarily increase tear production.
  3. The glands surrounding your eyes react and temporarily produce true tears, real tears that are all your own.


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How do I know if the stimulation is working?
You are stimulating the correct location if you feel a tingling sensation in your nose and your eyes begin to tear.How soon will I feel my eyes tear?
Tearing can occur within seconds. Depending on your individual anatomy and tear deficiency, tearing can take a shorter or longer time.How often and how long do I need to use the device?
The device is capable of single-day stimulation up to a limit of 30 minutes. Stimulation longer than 3 minutes per session is not recommended, and the patient should wait for at least 60 minutes before stimulating again. For most patients, using the device at least twice a day as needed is recommended. Refer to the Instructions for Use or check with your eye doctor.

Will I experience nasal pain while using TrueTear?
In a 180-day study, 10 out of 97 patients (10.3%) reported nasal pain, discomfort or burning. If you experience pain, discomfort or burning while using TrueTear, remove the device immediately and report this adverse event to 1-800-678-1605 and talk to your eye doctor.

What does the TrueTear mobile app do?
The app is designed to help you view and track your device usage and battery level, learn more ways for using the device, and get assistance if you encounter any problems with the device. Since environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, pollen count, and pollution index may affect your eyes, these and other local weather information are shown throughout the app.