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Shades of Spring

Spring means gardens, and marathons, and all things new and bright. Too bright! Earlier sunrises and longer days means more time in the sun. A fresh pair of UV protecting shades can help save your eyes and EyeCare Specialties can help you save 25%! Now through June...

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True Tear Technology

TrueTear™  is the latest technology in temporary tear production for Dry Eye sufferers. The prescription device uses neurostimulation to send tiny pulses of energy through your nose to stimulate tear production. The pulses activate a natural response, so your tears...

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Eyesight is Acuity and Vision

Your eyesight is comprised of the performance of the all the components involved in your visual system. Acuity and vision are two important elements of your total eyesight, and each can have unique issues and challenges. Acuity is the clearness of your vision and the...

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