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A recent study showed that most patients don’t pay as much attention to their lenses as they do the stylish frames that hold them. The frames may be great, but what difference do the lenses make? Lenses can vary greatly in quality depending on where you purchase them, and at EyeCare Specialties, we make it a priority to provide our patients with the latest lens technology available.

Here’s why.

Everyone’s eyes are different. Some patients prefer progressive lenses, while others may fill this need with multiple pairs with specific functions. Whatever the case, most of our patients need some level of customization to make sure they are getting the correct lens system to provide them with the visual quality they expect. The extent of customization that can be done depends on the type of technology that’s available. Since EyeCare Specialties is an independent practice, we get the benefits of using the latest technology that many manufacturers are unable to offer to chain stores, value stores or online distributors. It is because of this technology that we are able to provide the latest in lens designs to meet the visual needs of our patients.

At ‘value’ stores, you tend to get what you pay for. These stores generally sell the most basic, most inexpensive frame and lens options they can access. Often the frames offered are styles that are phased out or discontinued. This is how ‘value’ stores are able to offer you complete pairs of glasses for a significantly lower price, including “buy one, get one,” discounts.

Similar to value stores, lenses from online vendors typically do not measure up to the quality and customization that are standard at EyeCare Specialties. Since many online vendors produce their frames and lenses outside of the United States, their labs may not always be required to meet the same safety and quality standards as labs in the US.

The biggest drawback with buying glasses online comes from the distant nature of the internet. Unless an online website also has a physical location to visit, patients ordering glasses online don’t have the option to meet with an optician to discuss their specific needs. Certified opticians play a vital role in recommending the best glasses for a patient because they ask about your lifestyle, are able to get the most accurate fitting measurements, and make sure the frames are the right shape, style and size needed to fit your lens style. Eyewear has to be selected, measured and fit correctly so that a patient isn’t missing out on the best visual quality available.

The EyeCare Specialties Difference
All of the lenses at EyeCare Specialties meet the ANSI safety standards set by the federal government, and they are made from materials that exceed the minimum standard for impact resistance by 60 times. To preserve eye health, we also strongly recommend that your lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. All of these features are available with virtually any lens options you choose at EyeCare Specialties.

Frame Experts
Our Frame Experts are ABO Certified Opticians who are dedicated to providing quality care and patient service. They give each patient the personal attention needed to assess and prescribe the best possible eyewear solutions. The Frame Experts ask about your work and hobbies to tailor your frames to fit the way you live. Stop in at any of our four locations and meet with a Frame Expert today.

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