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Jill Luebbert is the Location Manager at EyeCare Specialties in Fremont. Being part of the EyeCare Specialties team has allowed the Fremont location to bring even more technology and services to their patients. The location, technology, and team combined with the values of EyeCare Specialties of integrity, compassion, and commitment are the perfect combination. Jill says it is an honor to be part of this team.

It is important for a Location Manager to have team building skills to bring out the best in each employee. Our patients come to us because they trust us for our professional guidance. Each of us needs to be at our highest level of skill for each patient. Location Managers also need to have an ear for listening; Listening to our patients, to our team, to our vendors. Only by paying attention to the needs and desires of the team can we help the team grow and be more effective.

“My favorite part of being involved in eye care with EyeCare Specialties is, without a doubt, the patients,” says Jill. “They impact our lives in amazing ways and it is an honor to know them. We do not take our responsibility lightly. Our recommendations and prescriptions change lives. It is so fulfilling to have them tell us how they appreciate the personal service and quality products.”

Recently, a patient walked in 4 hours early for her appointment because her personal schedule had changed and she could not come in at her appointed time. We worked her into the schedule and utilized our full team to provide her eye care and eyewear needs in the midst of our already filled schedule.

Jill says her parents are her personal heroes and role models. They taught her to be present and always give her best. “As an adult, I know that my parents could take lemons and make lemonade. I don’t recall ever feeling like we were missing something as our home was always full of love,” she says. “Sunday morning, no matter what the weather was, we were seated in the second pew from the front at church. Strength and endurance in tough times with the love of God and love of family just seemed to come so naturally.”

“My family is the core of my personal life,” says Jill. “I just love any moments that we can share with any of them. My 4 year old grandson is determined to teach me how to play his video games. Good thing that he is patient!”

Outside of work, Jill and her husband have a flower and vegetable garden that keeps them pretty busy. They love fresh garden food and preserve some so they can enjoy produce year round.

Jill is also learning to play the acoustic guitar. Music has always been a part of her life and a way for her to find inspiration.

Like all EyeCare Specialties locations, the Fremont location is dedicated to translating the core values to their patients. The care is so personal, you might never guess that EyeCare Specialties is the largest independent optometry practice in Nebraska. The talented optometrists and highly trained staff offer compassionate and innovative optometric care to each patient that enters their doors. From comprehensive eye health exams to the best selection in eyewear, EyeCare Specialties is committed to providing professional and personalized care to their patients.